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Concussion Protocols in Canada get Support.

Concussion Protocols in Canada get much needed Support - Concussion Canada.
Concussion Protocols in Canada get much needed Support - Concussion Canada.

Concussion protocols in Canada continue to change but after the Canadian Government pledged $1.4 Million and Parachute Canada took on the project to develop much needed concussion protocols in Canada, it appears that sports organizations are starting to adopt such measures to improve player safety.

Originally the goal to have 20 sport organization sign on within a year has been substantially surpassed and continues to grow. On Friday CEO and President of Parachute Canada told the Canadian Press “What we have done in Canada in a period of nine months is gone from a group of disparate, out-of-date, unsubstantiated and poorly-understood approaches to dealing with concussion in sport, and we’ve harmonized it with 42 of the 56 national sports organizations in Canada.”

Additionally, Podborski goes on to say “You take the word ‘sport’ out, you have the world’s best concussion management protocol. We’re working to get it into our emergency rooms right across Canada”

While Parachute Canada acknowledges that most organizations are on board or trying to get there it does show that organizations are serious about player safety and are making the necessary steps to make return to play and sport better for athletes.

These steps include pre-season education, head injury recognition, onsite medical assessment, concussion management, intensive treatment and return to school and return to sport checklists. Through continued education and awareness Parachute Canada is leading the way to help organizations adopt the concussion protocols that will further make their sports safer and lessen the risks and complications that head injuries and concussions can have on athletes.

As momentum continues to grow about concussion through news like this and recent laws like Rowan’s Law, passed this past spring, it seems the topic of concussion is getting the recognition it needs to be taken more seriously.

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