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Court awards athlete $5.87 Million Concussion Settlement.

Concussion are like any other Personal Injury - Concussion Canada

A concussion settlement of $5.87 million has been awarded to Brett Baker-Goins, a previous South Carolina secondary school basketball player, in the wake of two games resulting in a head injury. While playing basketball for First Baptist School of Charleston five years prior, Brett Baker-Goins endured a concussion. According to the statement it was at this time, he experienced the common symptoms associated with concussion such as headache, dizziness and cognitive issues. The result, he was placed on concussion protocol with the school and after 5 weeks Baker-Goins sustained a second concussion that resulted in permanent traumatic brain injury.

Although Brett Baker-Goins did go through the school concussion protocol the court felt he was rushed through the concussion process putting his health at risk. What’s interesting is that the case acknowledges that Baker-Goins did go through the school concussion protocol, however his lawyers argued that he went through the process quicker than he should have. The court agreed with his lawyers and awarded Baker-Goins the concussion settlement.

As laws like Rowan’s Law and other Concussion legislation continue to develop it does bring forward the need for further education and awareness in the field. Concussion injuries are like any other personal injury and organizations need to adopt protocols that protect their athletes from further injury.

In cases like this it could open the door for athletes to further challenge the school protocols in place. Organizations need to keep their concussion protocols up to date so they can further protect their athletes and reduce their liability from future concussion settlements like this.

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