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Men and Women do differ when it comes to concussion recovery.

New research shows men and women can differ when it comes to concussion recovery.
Concussion recovery can differ according to new research in the study of post-concussion severity. A recent research study that included 40 male and 50 female college athletes suggests that both groups recovered differently following a concussion.
Showing some significant differences in the length of recovery among both groups has led researchers to further investigate the why’s and how’s of these findings.
John Povlishock, PhD, editor-in-chief of Journal of Neurotrauma, said in a statement. “This study addresses an area of great contemporary interest and debate, providing evidence for differential concussive outcomes between male and female collegiate athletes,” He then goes on to say “Although, as noted by the authors, the study does have several limitations, it provides novel and useful information, particularly regarding the issue of sex differences in the length of recovery from concussive injury, thereby setting the stage for its continued investigation.” 
While the current study shows there are some real similarities when it comes to concussion symptoms it does however, show some major differences on return to work, play and sport protocols.
Concussions rates have doubled in Ontario in less than 10 years as the problem continues to gain media attention. To read more about this study you can visit: The Effects of Sex Differences and Hormonal Contraception on Outcomes after Collegiate Sports-Related Concussion
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