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11 Scary Slip and Fall tips that can help prevent a Head Injury or Concussion.

Falls are a major factor in most Head Injuries and Concussions

Head Injuries and Concussions are a growing concern and falls continue to be a major cause of them. Concussion Canada has compiled a list of 11 Scary slip and fall tips that can help prevent a head injury or concussion.

Did you know that falls are the number one cause of Concussions?

This is the what the research indicates according to a recent University of Alberta Injury Prevention Centre study.

Kathy Belton, associate director of the University of Alberta’s Injury Prevention Centre, says “For emergency rooms visits, falls of some kind or another—such as slipping, tripping or due to collision or pushing by another person—are the biggest culprit,”

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As with most types of injuries prevention and safety are your best course of action to better protect yourself to avoid that unwanted Concussion or Head Injury. Concussion Canada has compiled a list of 11 easy solutions that might help you avoid that unwanted visit to emergency department this year.

  1. Keep your place free of clutter.
  2. Make your floors and staircases non-slip.
  3. Light up those dark areas so you can see better at night.
  4. Take one stair at a time.
  5. If you are not sturdy on your feet consider using a cane or assisted device.
  6. Avoid the slippery wax on those floors.
  7. Make sure your staircases have proper handrails.
  8. Keep a flashlight handy at night.
  9. Repair tripping hazards immediately in your home.
  10. Wear footwear that fits properly.
  11. Take your time when walking around unfamiliar areas.

With over  a million Canadians living with the effects of an acquired brain injury being preventative is always a good idea.

Falls continue to be a growing statistic when it comes to Head Injuries and Concussions

There are however some instances where you may not be at fault in which case you may be entitled to a personal injury claim.

According to the Personal Injury Alliance website they state:

“Everyone who owns, manages, or maintains property in Ontario has a legal duty to take all reasonable steps to keep the people who use the property safe. Depending on the circumstances, this can include the owner, the tenant, or another person or company. This falls under a provincial law known as the Occupiers’ Liability Act. When these people fail to live up to their responsibilities, they put you in danger. “

If you have experienced a not at fault injury and it is within the statute of limitations, you may want to contact one of their experienced lawyers for proper legal advice.

To read more: Pia Law 

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